About Karen

I’m Karen, and I’m from Texas.  The photo below rather sums up what this blog is all about.  While visiting the Grand Canyon, son Dan & I came across these two adorable Japanese tourists.  They didn’t speak much English, I speak no Japanese, and Dan speaks only rudimentary phrases.  The girls were wedging a camera in a tree to take scenic shots of themselves.  Dan offered to take the photos for them.   The girls were giving the peace sign (or “V” that Winston Churchill made famous).  I asked if we could take their picture, and they agreed.  I taught them the “Hook ‘Em Horns” sign, which is the sign for The University of Texas Longhorns.  When I said the word “Texas”, the sweet girls’ faces lit up with million megawatt smiles, and they repeated “Texas”.  They definitely knew about Texas.  And that brings us back to this blog.  Miko is from Japan, I’m from…well, you know.  Yet we are so much alike we could be mother & daughter.  And that’s what makes this blog so much fun.   Different ways of looking at things the same way.  Or something like that.

Hook 'Em Horns, arigato.

Hook 'Em Horns, arigato.


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