Many Happy Returns

So, after almost a 1 year hiatus since my last post, I’m posting something. Big deal, huh? So, all the usual stuff, Christmas, birthdays, allergies, cats, dogs, you’ve read it all here before. But here’s the good news that brought me back. The Son has a girlfriend. That’s not the good news. I really like her. That’s not the good news. She has a great blog. Now you have the good news. Not that the other stuff isn’t good news, because it definitely is. Not only does she have a kick ass blog, but so does her best friend, whom I have also met. It just keeps getting better. Shit, if they break up, I get custody of her, Carrie, and The Son is on his own. Miko, this is mainly for you, because these blogs will have you rolling on the tatami mats. And when you get through wallowing in the laughter, do some posting and let us know how you are. Damned Facebook has taken over the world. That’s where I tend to post now instead of here. Bad girl.

Rocker Mom Rambles

Honey Badger Press


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