Happy Birthday, Miko

I hope everything has smoothed out after all the upheaval there has been in Japan. May your birthday be serene and joyful.


2 comments on “Happy Birthday, Miko

  1. Miko says:

    Aw shoot, Karen, I woke up this morning and suddenly remembered your birthday and felt so crummy for forgetting. I hope you had a blast! Mine’s going to be a low-key one this year, just a quiet lunch in a local restaurant (no-one’s really in the mood for whooping it, as you can imagine).

    Three birthday girls in April – you, me, and Isabelle. Hooray for us!

  2. Karen says:

    I did have a great birthday. A neighbor on the block has the same birthday, but he’s 3 years younger. His wife gave a neighborhood birthday party for us. It was a blast. Then the following Wed., Dan took our family out for Indian food, and it was delicious. Got some great presents, too. Hope your quiet lunch is delightful.

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