Just heard/read about the earthquake & tsunami on Honshu.  I got out the map and checked, and discovered that Sendai is on the opposite end of the island from Kobe, but both are on the east coast.  Miko, if you get a chance, let us hear from you.  We’re all worried.  I have a feeling you’re okay, but I want to know for sure!


7 comments on “OH, CRAP

  1. Miko says:

    We’re okay, didn’t feel a thing here in Kobe! Everyone’s on edge, though. First Christchurch, now this, what is going on? Take care.

  2. Karen says:

    I have a friend who is convinced that it is related to solar flares. I have read/seen items that do make a case for that. So glad to hear you are okay. Are you on Facebook? That’s one reason I haven’t really been blogging. FB is such a good way to reach so many of my friends and family. I am friends on FB with Livvy & with Petra. If you’re on it, please send me a friend invitation.

  3. Kirsty says:

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch for what seems like forever. My old pc died and I lost all my links to things, we’re too reliant on technology these days I think. I sent Karen a message as was worrying about you Miko, so relieved to hear you’re okay, thanks for that Karen. And now I’ve found this page I’ll try keep in touch again.

  4. Miko says:

    Thanks Kirsty and Karen, I’m doing just fine here in Kobe. Today was a beautiful spring day, sun shining, birds chirping, and everyone walking around like normal, I can hardly believe I’m in the same country as all the devastation happening up north. I’ve had word that several of my students are stranded in Tokyo. Now, to add to all our worries, there’s apparently a nuclear disaster-in-the-making going on. The Japanese government is carefully controlling all information flow regarding this matter (I suppose to avoid mass panic), so I am relying on outside sources and local rumours for updates. Thank goodness for the internet! I hope things don’t get too bad here … I do have a passport, but I don’t really want to have to use it.

  5. Kirsty says:

    Sounds amazingly normal there then…I also hope things don’t get too bad. Sounds like you’re dealing with it well tho – with internet info and like you say, you have a passport if it’s needed.
    Hope things are going okay for you these days. It’s a beautiful spring day here in the UK too, I’m sat at home on my own, we’re expecting our first baby any day now and I feel like I’m the size of a house
    : )
    Take care

  6. Karen says:

    Yes, and we expect lots of baby pictures, Kirsty. So thrilled for you.

  7. Miko says:

    I can’t wait to see your baby’s face, Kirsty!

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