What would you do if you discovered you had an Amerasian stepchild?

One of my elderly friends from the bookclub revealed something to me recently: quite some time ago, when he was a young soldier with the Occupation forces, he had a secret affair with a Japanese girl (despite the fact that he was already married to his childhood sweetheart).  She got pregnant by him, was thrown out by her family, and died shortly after giving birth.  Somehow he managed to smuggle the baby back to the US with a nanny, and eventually was able to raise the child as his own (obviously with the help of a very understanding wife!).   That son is now a successful lawyer with a family of his own, and very close to his father and adoptive mother. 

By a strange twist of fate, my friend and his wife were posted to Kobe in the 80s, and chose to stay on here after retirement, because she loved the place so much.   She does a lot of charity work around here, much of it with children. When I heard this story, I immediately wondered how this woman could’ve been so tolerant about taking on an unexpected Amerasian child, and later moving to the land where her husband had been unfaithful to her.  I just don’t understand how she can put her own feelings aside.  I don’t think I could do it.


3 comments on “What would you do if you discovered you had an Amerasian stepchild?

  1. Karen says:

    Well, I could spout a lot of garbage about forgiving, love, all that stuff. But the truth is I’d have probably thrown his ass out. So, I got no answers here.

  2. Miko says:

    One day I was discussing the issue of marital infidelity with a Japanese friend. I remarked that Japanese women are remarkably tolerant of their husbands’ philandering, and she asked me what I would do if my (hypothetical) husband was unfaithful. “Oh, I’d forgive him,” I replied breezily. “Really?” “Yes, after wringing his neck.”

  3. Billy Brown says:

    Japanese women are so beautiful….,little wonder that he could not resist the beauty of this Japanese lady.

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