July 8, 2010

This is exactly what I needed today

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:00 pm by Jane

I posted a few months ago about a bartering arrangement with a student; basically, we trade aromatherapy sessions for English lessons.  We have now agreed to have two sessions a month, and I’m pleased to report that it has worked out very well so far.  Today was typical.  I went to her home and chatted in English for an hour while she took notes.  Then, she made lunch for me.  Then, she served me coffee and dessert.  Then, she massaged my limbs with essential oils for 90 minutes (as usual I drifted off to sleep towards the end).  Then, she served me some tea and cookies, before dropping me off at the station.  No money changed hands!  The only catch is that I have to correct her English during the sessions, and I also have to keep up with my knowledge of healing plants and their properties – but  hey, that’s no hardship, because I’ve always been interested in that kind of stuff anyway. 

I’m really enjoying this bartering business, I think it’s wonderful and I hope it catches on in the future.



  1. Karen said,

    Bartering is great, because no one pays taxes on it. I think you’re supposed to, but no one does.

  2. Miko said,

    Taxes? What are these “taxes” of which you speak?

  3. Karen said,

    Just kidding. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  4. Jeni said,

    Sounds like my kind of barter too.

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