It comes to us all, some sooner than others

Somebody asked me yesterday whether I had any grandchildren yet.  Crikey.  Do I look like a grandmother?


6 comments on “It comes to us all, some sooner than others

  1. Jeni says:

    No, absolutely not.,

  2. Miko says:

    Thanks Jeni! In all fairness, a lot of the grandmothers here do look extraordinarily youthful. But still!

  3. Karen says:

    Good lord, NO! Wow, I’m nearly 30 years older than you and I’m not even a grandmother. Probably never will be, which, actually, is fine with me.

  4. Miko says:

    I’d love to have grandkids, but I doubt that the Sonbeam is going to be able to support both a mother and a wife/family. So, somehow I don’t think I’ll ever be a grandmother either. Guess I’ll just have to settle for looking like one!

  5. Petra says:

    I remember a moment when my mother said to me: “I have five children – and 2 grandchildren. Quite amazing.”

    Well, in the end she managed to clock up five grandchildren – from two of her children. All the others… refused to deliver…

  6. Miko says:

    My mother was made a grandmother at the age of 41 (by me), and she never got over it! For the first decade of his life, she was in complete denial. Sonbeam had to call her “Mum” and me “Miko” because she couldn’t stand the idea of people knowing that she was a gran. We had to hide it from her friends and work associates. I think it confused him a bit. It certainly confused everybody else.

    I often fantasise about having a grandchild, preferably a girl. Sometimes I even go in to high-end children’s boutiques, and mentally pick out her dresses! Of course I know exactly which schools she is going to attend – none of them public schools, let me tell you – and even what kind of man she is going to marry.

    If I ever have grandchildren (admittedly not likely in this economic climate) I expect to play a very important part in their lives.

    I kind of feel sorry for my future daughter-in-law.

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