Second bite at the cherry

Tomorrow, a national holiday in Japan, I am taking a long-promised day trip to Kobe Zoo with my geriatric JJs.  We made an ill-fated attempt at it last year that didn’t work out very well, much to my disappointment.  But it doesn’t matter!  We are going to meet up tomorrow morning at the main station, make our way to the zoo, admire the zebras and pandas (at my insistence), stop for lunch in one of Kobe’s hottest new eateries, walk around Kobe city centre for a bit, admire some cherry trees, and then take dinner in a German beer hall (at their insistence).  I’ve managed to extract a promise from them that no drinking of alcohol will take place until the evening, and they assure me that they will abide by their promise … as long as I agree to stay out with them as long as they like.  Well, I don’t mind staying out with them, but I’m a bit puzzled by their assumption that I don’t have a job to go to the next morning.  And my holidays are precious to me, so I’m kind of sacrificing a lot by giving up a whole day to them.  Why don’t they get that?

Much as I love my older, retired friends and students, I cannot understand their total amnesia about their working/mothering days, especially the early waking times, the long work hours, and the sheer stress of it all.  Perhaps they’ve blocked it all out?

Anyway, despite my complaints, I really am looking forward to tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will actually make it to the zoo and back!  Panda, here I come!


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