Bad hair week

I recently had my hair cropped into what I thought was a chic and flattering bob, and was very pleased with myself until I got the reactions of everyone around me, which weren’t good.  Everyone stared, as if in shock, and no-one told me that I looked great, like people are supposed to do.  In fact a few of them bluntly told me that I’d looked far better with my ponytail.  The kindest response was a sympathetic look and arm-squeeze from a co-worker, who assured me that “the same thing happened to me once.”  Other friends told me, in hushed tones usually reserved for memorial services, not to worry because “it’s only hair, it’ll grow out soon.”  And worst of all … one of my little girls burst into tears, saying “Miss, why did you cut your hair?  I didn’t say that you could cut your hair!”  Nothing would satisfy her but my promising that I would never do it again.

But perhaps the worst response was the Sonbeam’s, which was …. nothing at all.  He actually didn’t notice my new hair (or lack of it) until I pointed it out to him.  Does he need glasses, or something?

Anyway, I like my new wash-and-go hairstyle.   I think I’ll keep it.


4 comments on “Bad hair week

  1. Karen says:

    My son NEVER notices my hair or clothes. My hair had gotten longer, and I rather liked it except for the bangs hanging in my eyes. I went and had it cut, and it is very short, and I’m very sorry I did it. I’m going to let it grow out again.

  2. Miko says:

    I asked the Sonbeam, “do I look like Amelie?” He replied, “no, you look like Amelie’s mother.” Gee, at times like that I wish I was her mother and not his. So far I’m liking the short hair thing, myself. Low-maintenance is definitely the way to go at this stage. But I have started to grow grey hairs at my temple, it’s a real bitch to remember to pluck them out every couple of weeks or so.

  3. Jeni says:

    I have gone very short since you last saw me Miko. I love having short hair again. It is the best for me I think and is so easy. Takes no time at all to do in the morning which I really love since I have to leave very early for work. I am sure your haircut looks great on you.

  4. Miko says:

    I think short hair suits you Jeni, you have a great face so show it! Personally I really appreciate how easy it is to do in the mornings, like you say. One of my old boyfriends in NZ used to comment “I can’t believe the amount of money people spend on their hair and nails, it’s all just dead cells and shit” and now I understand what he was on about.

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