Sugar Daddy 2

My first impression of him was not good.  He was 60 years old, bald, and wearing an expensive suit (three of my pet hates about men).  Then he opened his mouth and made me laugh!   I do love a man who can make me laugh. 

SD2, despite his wicked sense of humour, comes with a rather sad backstory. 

He moved to northern Japan as a young engineer, and rapidly rose through the ranks to become the head of large firm.  Life was good for a long time, until a few years ago when an industrial accident in one of the plants took the lives of two young workers, and he was forced to take the blame and resign (common procedure in Japan).  In the aftermath his wife left him, taking half of his huge pension, both of their kids, and most of their friends. 

Now he spends his time hanging out in his hometown Kobe and getting into mischief with people like me.  We’ve had a few dates, but something tells me that we are not meant for each other, especially an incident that occurred the other day.  I’ll post about it some other time.


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