Other people’s marriages are a mystery to me #987,354


Earlier this year my friend decided to end her marriage and relinquish custody of her two children to their father.  However, because of financial constraints, the couple have decided to continue living together under one roof for the time being.  To this ends they recently moved into a split-level apartment: my friend lives on the ground floor, and her ex-husband and their children live upstairs.  Every single time I’ve been to visit them since the move, they’ve been doing something domestic together, such as folding the kids’ clothes, cooking dinner, composing PTA newsletters, and entertaining houseguests like me.  Needless to say, the children are benefitting immensely from this arrangement, but they are not the only ones:  this morning my friend confided in me “I see more of him now than when were were married … and we get along great.”  They are even planning a family trip to Australia at the end of the year!

I never ask any prying questions, but I can’t help but wonder … why on earth did they bother divorcing in the first place?  Might as well have stayed together.


3 comments on “Other people’s marriages are a mystery to me #987,354

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve seen this way more than once. For some reason, without the pressure of marriage, the couple will get along better than they ever did married. There’s no doubt a psychological explanation for it, but I’ve never tried to find it.

  2. Jeni says:

    Yeah there must be an explanation but if everyone is happier now with this unusual arrangement then that’s great for them! Wonder if they have sex….

  3. Miko says:

    No, they are not sleeping with each other. I know that she has had a couple of wild flings since the breakup, and is now involved in an LWP (Lust With Potential) relationship, but her ex-hubbie seems to be totally devoted to home and hearth, and seems not at all interested in picking up a new girlfriend.

    People! I’ll never figure them out.

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