Never a dull moment #109,476,098


This morning I had an utterly baffling conversation with one of my ladies after she suddenly asked me, apropos of nothing, “You have clam chowder tonight?”

“Um … no, actually,” I replied.

“Ah.  How about tomorrow?”

“No … no, I’m not planning to have it tomorrow, either.”

“Oh, I thought you have clam chowder every night.  You said you have it every night.”

What?  No, I don’t have it every night!  I hardly ever have it at all.”  I was genuinely puzzled by now. 

“So, you quit that job, then?” 

“What job?”

“The clam chowder job, working with the kids.”

“Oh!” Hand hit forehead as I suddenly realised that she had been talking about cram school, not clam chowder!

All in a day’s work.


2 comments on “Never a dull moment #109,476,098

  1. Petra says:

    Oh, that reminds me of my Japanese friend who once, when we were cooking, asked me for “Seife” (soap). I was a bit intrigued – why did she want soap? A secret Japanese ingredient? If so, why not used the fluid soap out of the dispenser standing by the sink? No, the fluid soap would not do. So I went into the bathroom to grab a bar of soap – which resulted in both of us nearly collapsing with laughter.

    She needed a “Sieb” (sieve or colander).

  2. Karen says:

    So, you were working at a clam school. That’s hysterical.

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