Why I love Japan #398,968


A very popular Japanese actress (pictured) with a near-saintly image was recently arrested on drugs charges, and the whole nation was shocked to the core (it was pretty bad for Japan, the equivalent of say, Angelina being fingered for snorting cocaine in front of her kids, although frankly most gaijins here were wondering what all the fuss was about – that’s what famous people do, after all).  A couple of weeks ago she gave a press conference to offer her whole-hearted apologies to the general public.  I was impressed with her humble attitude.  In Japan, public apologies are very important: it’s not uncommon to see politicians on their knees, apologising for some indiscretion or other, usually involving taxpayers’ money.  Many of them are swiftly forgiven.  However, drugs are a different thing all together; the actress in question has been dropped by her agency and abandoned by all her friends and associates, and I wonder if her career will ever revive.  Personally I’d be happy if she wrote a book blowing the lid on the whole showbiz scam.   In fact, I hope she does exactly that!


2 comments on “Why I love Japan #398,968

  1. Karen says:

    There have been so many “scandals” in Hollywood that no one even blinks. Racist name calling, sex tapes, statutory rape, visiting hookers. No one even turns a hair any more at addicts or alcoholics.

  2. Miko says:

    Yes, I was suprised at the hoopla here, as were most Japan-based gaijins. I mean, there were even primetime news flashes and stuff, along with various agonised social commentaries by various “experts” about the downfall of society, the effects on young people, etc! Total reefer madness. It was really funny to observe, and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the actress in question.

    On the other hand, it’s kind of refreshing to be living in a country where stuff like this is still such a big deal, and where you can raise a child knowing that s/he probably won’t be exposed to illicit drugs every time s/he goes out with friends. That’s really nice, too.

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