Out of the blue


Hickymeister, my European fling-that-kept-on-flinging from a few years ago, has emailed me asking very gently if I’ve completely forgotten about him (no, I certainly haven’t, because he’s kind of unforgettable), and whether I have any plans to visit his part of the world in the near future (no, I certainly don’t, because I’m perfectly happy where I am).  If the truth be told, I’ll never forget about him, because he is the best lover a girl could ever have, being that rare man who has the knack of making a girl feel utterly loved and wanted.  But if another truth be told, this girl doesn’t need a lover to feel loved and wanted – she’s happy enough on her own.  In other words, she doesn’t need a man to feel complete.

Having said that … he’s kind, he’s lovely, he’s wealthy, and any woman would grab at the chance!  I also think that he’s one of those men that you might keep on ice, until you are old enough to have the time and wherewithal to hang out with him.  That’s what I plan to do.  Never let it be said that I’m not a forward-thinking person!


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