Town mouse vs. suburban mouse


This article was a most interesting read, and the dissenting comments even more so, if somewhat shocking for me.  I must say that reading stuff like this makes me all the more grateful for living at the centre of a dynamic Japanese city: here we have all the benefits of urban life (work/cultural/educational opportunities galore, brilliant public transport, high-speed trains, workable airports, decent coffee, gourmet pet food, Hello Kitty stores), and very few of the drawbacks (guns, drugs, violent crime, annoying tourists, meter maids on every corner).  Life is most assuredly not perfect here, or even close to perfect, but it’s pretty darned good for the majority, including me. 

Of course, I could always move to a suburb or a small town or even – perish the thought! – back to ghastly New Zealand, if I wanted a quieter, safer, less polluted life … but I’d probably die rapidly of boredom anyway, which would be somewhat defeating the purpose, no?


4 comments on “Town mouse vs. suburban mouse

  1. Karen says:

    I’m a confirmed city girl myself. Georgetown has grown to a size to suit me. It was a bit too small when we moved here. But now there are good shops, restaurants, all the amenities, without the drawbacks. However, in the really big cities, there are crime problems, traffic problems, gangs, the whole ugly urban mess. We have the best of both worlds. I have lived in tiny rural towns, and loved them, but I like this better.

  2. Miko says:

    But the important question is: do you have a Hello Kitty store?

  3. Miko says:

    I am quite certain that both Petra and Karen have made their chosen cities or towns far more interesting by gracing them with their presences! I only hope I can say the same about Kobe some day.

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