Entitlement complex


Okay, remember this guy?  Well, today I heard some not-good news about him.  A couple of weeks ago he collapsed and was hospitalised with some kind of of serious stomach disorder, probably colitis.  It’s pretty bad.  Right now he is hooked up to an IV, and will be in hospital for at least three months if not longer.  Unfortunately for him, he is relying upon Japan’s national health system which only covers 70 percent of our medical fees.   The remaining costs can be considerable, although most Japanese people somehow find a way to pay them, usually through personal savings and the help of family and friends.  Gaijins don’t have the same support system. 

Fortunately for him, in light of the seriousness of his illness and his dire financial straits, the city has kindly agreed to cover the full cost of his medical treatment, which is just as well: according to his Japanese supporters, he is mired in debt (credit card and student loans) and didn’t even have enough money in his bank account to cover the next month’s rent.  I’m surprised to hear this, because from what I could tell this aspiring “film director” was whooping it up every night hanging out in all the trendy bars and flashing the cash, with a variety of girls on his arm, like so many gaijin males in this land.   He certainly didn’t look ill (or impoverished) to me, but I guess that looks can be deceiving. 

Although I’m sympathetic to his plight, I just want to know: how does a single, educated, white 38-year-old man find himself alone and penniless in a foreign country, reliant upon the kindness of strangers and the local government?  And would he be treated so kindly in his own land?

And why didn’t he have any money in his bank account?  Perhaps I’m a crabby old bat, but whatever happened to the good old days, when people actually saved for a rainy day?  I was taught to do this in primary school, and I’ve done it ever since.  I still can’t believe that he didn’t have at least a month’s rent socked away.  Are people that stupid now? 

Oh, and needless to say, his “girlfriends” have suddenly vanished from sight.  Including this potential one.


3 comments on “Entitlement complex

  1. karen1945 says:

    Well, if I were a Japanese, I’d be very miffed that this gaijin was getting 100% free medical care, when the people who actually pay for it, the taxpayers, were only getting 70%. The cost of a plane ticket home for the guy would have been cheaper. Even a medical evac plane. If he was truly broke and penniless, the US would have ended up paying for his medical care here.

  2. Petra says:

    I am not going to take part in this discussion…
    I am not going to take part in this discussion…
    I am not going to take part in this discussion…


  3. Miko says:

    I think that Japanese people are 100 percent covered by NH too, if they spend a long time in hospital. I can’t blame him for getting sick, after all it could happen to anyone. But what gets me is that he was living hand-to-mouth. How can people be so irresponsible?

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