The Kid Cracks Me Up

Dan is on his road trip out west. Mostly, in LA, he’d been doing the slacker thing, crashing on a friend’s couch. At a volleyball tournament Sunday in Vegas, he met a gal who has a house in Manhattan Beach, and she has an extra bedroom. When he got back to LA, he talked to her, they agreed on rent, he moved his meager stuff in.

I commented that she was very trusting to let a virtual stranger move in. There were people at the tournament who know him, and I guess vouched for his sterling character, but as I said, he could be Ted Bundy for all she knows for sure. At the conclusion of the call, I said, “Try not to be Ted Bundy.” He shot back with, “Oh, I’m more likely to be Al Bundy.”


4 comments on “The Kid Cracks Me Up

  1. Miko says:

    Bwah-ha-ha-ha! And good on him for finding a place so quickly, in LA. He sounds like a charmer, all right!

  2. Petra says:

    With a sense of humor like that he will most certainly be an asset for his now housemate.

    Tell your son to make the most of his experience here this time by exploring a bit more of the “big city” Los Angeles.

    It is an interesting place, you know. 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I think all he plans to explore is the beach. He and his housemate are getting along well, apparently. She works 12 hour shifts as a nurse. But tonight, she & Dan, and another friend were going out for sushi. He does have a quick sense of humor. I think he’ll only be there a week, though. Not so much time to explore. And he’s going up to San Luis Obispo for the weekend, to see another friend. I think he’s headed up to San Francisco next week.

  4. Petra says:

    If he is going up to San Francisco and if he should be driving, I certainly hope he will take Highway # 1 – probably the most amazing coastal route in all of the US.

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