Buddha and beer



As an antidote to Karen’s week of sleaze and debauchery in Vegas, I shall tell you about my pure and wholesome day trip to Kyoto last week. 

Sugar Daddy took me to meet the God of Thunder (yes, I know that sounds like an Oriental euphemism for sex, but I assure you it isn’t) at a beautiful temple called Sanjusangendo.  I’ve seen most of the sights in Kyoto, enough to become just a wee bit jaded, but this one was a first, and it was absolutely awe-inspiring.  The temple houses 1001 statues of Buddha that were carved some 900 years ago.  They are guarded by several other deities, including the aforementioned God of Thunder.   Really, it was such an astounding sight that I was simply lost for words (and so, apparently, were the ubiquitous Swiss tourists who seem to make up approximately half the population of Kyoto at any given time).  Later we also went to splendid Kiyomizu Temple – a perennial favourite with the Japanese, I’ve been dragged there more times than I care to remember – and Yasaka Shrine.  But it was really the buddha statues that made such an impression on me.  I cannot describe how moved I was.  I do believe that Sanjusangendo is a must-see for any tourist in Japan. 

Back in Kobe, we took dinner in a German beer hall.  Initially I didn’t want to go there, because I feared the sight of Japanese waiters dressed in lederhosen and also because I’ve never liked oom-pah music very much.  But my fears were laid to rest when I discovered that the beautiful old building was actually the site of the former US embassy, and that the “hall” was a six-storey restaurant, packed to the rafters with happy patrons and pretty waitresses dressed like Heidi.  The beer was cold and reassuringly Japanese, the sausages and potatoes were done to a turn, and there was not a tuba in sight.

In short, a perfect end to a perfect day!


3 comments on “Buddha and beer

  1. karen1945 says:

    And your guy sounds like a perfect friend.

  2. Petra says:

    Miko, keep that gentleman around!!!!!

  3. Miko says:

    I’d like to see more of him, but my next free day won’t be until December! At this rate we’ll be meeting only four times a year!

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