Drop down and give me 50, you maggots!


As you know, Japan is the most rapidly aging society in the world, and all sorts of social problems are arising as a result, especially in the public health care sector.  I often worry and fret about the future of this country (and therefore my own future), and I’m not the only one: even the Sonbeam, aged 24, thinks quite deeply about this issue.  The two of us have made a pact to stay as healthy as possible, by eating right and exercising.  I think we are on the right track!  We drink nasty kale juice every morning, walk as much as possible, and use our home gym daily.  We rarely eat meat, and we avoid fast foods and “toxic” people and situations.  We are downright Californian in our dedication to the healthy life.  To my pleasant surprise, despite these ghastly deprivations, we are also very happy and full of energy!

Of course, it helps that we have such role models as this one.  Surely it’s not for nothing that the Japanese have the longest life expectancies in the world?

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