You’re right, they are smarter


So today, a Sunday, I got up and walked to my private lesson at the home of a young professional couple on the other side of the island.  Usually they are extremely pleasant and personable people, but today unfortunately I seemed to have walked into a domestic spat, as they spent the whole 90 minutes sniping and snarling at each other, only calming down at the end when we were having our coffee and cake and I was able to divert their attention to the topic of Asian elephants (no, I don’t get it either).   By the time I left they were cooing like doves, but my nerves were in shreds.

On the way home, it started pissing down with rain and needless to say I didn’t have a brolly.  Dashing straight home was not an option however, as I had to stop in at the only supermarket on the island that stocks Ben’s preferred brand of petfood, tellingly named “Carat,” and buy his weekly supply.  Carat is a special variety of food aimed at fussy middle-aged cats with delicate stomachs and a tendency to bladder disorders, and it’s not cheap – I spent almost half of today’s earnings on it. 

When I finally got home, tired, annoyed, and soaking wet, I found that Ben was fast asleep as usual on my favourite chair. 

Who’s the smart one here?


5 comments on “You’re right, they are smarter

  1. Karen says:

    Rhetorical question, right? One of our cats (Red, naturally) is so picky that he often won’t eat a canned item after I’ve served it once. Or he’ll like something one day, and not the next. And he pukes practically every day – in some very inventive places. I could stop the puking with more brushing, which he hates, and with a paste stuff, but he hates that too.

    I hate when couples get in tiffs around me. I have been known to snap at them, “Stop it!!! You can bitch and fight when I’m not around. Don’t do that crap in front of me.” It works too.

  2. Miko says:

    Ben’s kind of considerate in some ways, he usually only vomits in places that I’m not likely to discover for days or weeks. What’s the “paste stuff” that you mention above?

    Quarrelling couples, or couples in general actually, just make me thank my lucky stars to be single, footloose, and fancy-free. Give me cat puke anyday!

  3. karen1945 says:

    The paste stuff is Laxatone. It’s basically a mild laxative that helps the hairball slide right through them. Giving it to him is a major battle.

  4. Petra says:

    Couples fighting – I just get up and leave. And don’t call me rude – I find it extremely rude to subject others to such behavior as fighting.

  5. Karen says:

    I agree, Petra. It really pisses me off. That’s why I snap at them. But if that didn’t work, I’d certainly leave. What nonsense.

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