You just had to be there #908,465,341


My Little Piggies Cafe officially exists in a small building in a hillside suburb of Kobe that is basically inaccessible without a car.   Furthermore, there are only two parking spaces outside the building.  The young mothers willingly carpool, taking turns to pick each other up from their respective homes, and me from the train station.  It’s a 25-minute drive in all, made very interesting by the several babies on board. 

This morning one of them, usually quite a good girl, started fussing and crying for no reason that we could think of.  To distract her, I started singing her favourite song Incy Wincy Spider, doing the hand actions.  The other mothers all joined in, including our designated driver when we stopped at a red light.  Just as we were lustily belting out the part about the sun coming out and waving our arms in unison, I caught side of the sports car alongside us.  The young couple inside were staring at us with shocked and disbelieving expressions on their faces.  I  smiled and give a friendly wave which they didn’t return.  As soon as the light changed, they raced ahead, no doubt eager to shake off the bunch of wild-eyed crazy ladies in the station wagon.   Perhaps they feared it was catching.  (Little did they know that it was a vision of their future.)

And … I have to admit that right then I gave a little sigh, thinking “this is not how I thought my life would turn out.”  Oh no, by now I was supposed to be sipping champagne in a limo, not performing nursery rhymes in a Mazda with a bunch of mums and babes! 

Still, I couldn’t be happier.  And that’s the truth.  Oh well, like I said, you just had to be there.


2 comments on “You just had to be there #908,465,341

  1. karen1945 says:

    Oh, I have been there. Not that exact circumstance, but ones similar. It is absolutely hilarious to see the look on others’ faces, too.

    Life’s a funny ol’ dog, ain’t she? We all have dreams of riches and the Riviera and living in palaces, but most of us happily settle for apartments or cottages, trips to the grocery, and making ends meet. Thank god humans are adaptable.

  2. Miko says:

    Very adaptable. I admit that I feel under-utilised here, and it’s not where I thought I’d end up, but I’m making the most of it by reaching out and getting connected, keeping a very open mind, possibly doing some good in the world, and having a blast in the process. I’m playing the hand that life has dealt me, in other words. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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