Ken & I crack each other up, even if it’s not always intentional. We went to Houston last weekend. After we get off the main highway, the route is torturous, involving several turns and roads that might have handled the volume of traffic there 20 years ago. Ken was looking for particular streets for turns. He asked me “Can you read that street sign up there? It was two blocks away, and I definitely couldn’t. My first offering was “Mdhmbne” or something similar. As we got closer, I could see it was a long word with “e” and “t” in it. So, I SWAGged it (Silly Wild Ass Guess). “Rottweiler!” I exclaimed. It was actually “Huffmeister”. Not having learned his lesson, a few miles later, Ken queried, “What’s that street up there?” Another SWAG. “Froot Loop”. It was Forest Lodge. Hey, I got the first letter of each word right on that one. Close enough.

The other day as we were riding along, I saw a sign with antelope on it. I asked Ken “Do we have pronghorn antelope here?” He replied, “Sometimes HEB has them. The best ones are the Pecos cantaloupe.” I nearly wrecked the car laughing. He gave me this look that combined puzzlement and “go to hell”. When I could catch my breath, I told him why I was laughing.

It’s a case of the blind leading the deaf. It’s always entertaining.


3 comments on “SEE NO, HEAR NO

  1. Miko says:

    LOL. Spare a thought for me. Every single day of my life is like that, compounded by the cultural and generation gaps. I know that I’m also as blind as a bat, and recently I think I’m a bit hard of hearing, too. Today one of my elderly JJs customers told me that that “as a child, I was the first in my neighbourhood to get TV.” I congratulated her effusively, and told her how lucky she was and how all her friends must have envied her.

    It turned out that she was talking about TB (tuberculosis), not TV (television).

    I wonder if she’ll ever come back.

  2. Karen says:

    ROTFL. That’s a classic. She probably will come back just to see what that crazy Miko will say next.

  3. Miko says:

    Tip of the iceberg, I tell ya. I’m thinking of carrying around a little notebook so that I can record my bloopers as they happen. You’ll find them very interesting.

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