More depressing signs of the times

Today at cram school, I did a dictation exercise with my 6th graders in which I asked them to write down, “Do you have a pen-pal?” 

About half of them turned in answers that said, “Do you have a PayPal?”


5 comments on “More depressing signs of the times

  1. Petra says:

    Sign of the times – yes.

    Depressing – why?

    PayPal is here, and here to stay and not a bad thing at all, I would say.

    That about half of your students seem to be a bit hard of hearing, that is what I find depressing.

  2. Karen says:

    LOL, the age of the internet. They’ve all heard of pen pal, but probably never written an actual letter.

  3. Miko says:

    I once had to help Sonbeam with a homework assignment: writing a business letter. He was mystified at the concept of going to all the trouble of putting ink on paper. We really had it hard in our day, didn’t we?

  4. Petra says:

    I have a bunch of really wonderful fountain pens (filled with dark brown ink) here on my desk plus some lovely cream colored wonderfully thick paper.

    Just putting pen to paper is a sensual delight.

    But then – I am old…

  5. Miko says:

    You might like shodo (traditional Japanese calligraphy, done with a brush and inkstone). The skill of calligraphy is still highly valued in Japan. My friend tried to teach me, but I gave up after one attempt! My fingers are for keyboard, not brush.

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