Thank you, Jack Daniel’s


I am so tired of my sweets going mysteriously missing.  I don’t usually buy fancy cakes, candies, or cookies, but I receive them quite regularly as souvenirs from my well-travelled friends and students.  Unfortunately, I rarely get the chance to eat them myself … no, as soon as I leave them on the table, they disappear, courtesy of a mysterious someone (who probably isn’t a cat).  I try hiding them, but that same someone has a special sense that enables him to sniff them out in record time.   Hence I’ve never been able to enjoy eating sweets in the privacy of my own home, not once.

Yesterday I took a delicious revenge.  I left some yummy-looking whiskey bon-bons on my kitchen table.  Only minutes later, they went missing.  And only a few minutes after that, I was treated to the sound of someone (who has never touched alcohol in his life) suddenly coughing and spluttering alone in his room. 

It was such a satisfying sound.  I bet he didn’t expect that at all.


2 comments on “Thank you, Jack Daniel’s

  1. Karen says:

    Oh, that’s rich, in many senses of the word. Dan’s country cousins got him out behind their grandpa’s barn and offered to share some of their chewing tobacco with him. He was thrilled. He took a big plug, gnawed around on it, swallowed some, and then hurled up a week’s worth of edibles. He had a slightly green pallor when we saw him after that.

  2. Miko says:

    Yes, country cousins are a hoot all right, I got into all sorts of mischief with mine.

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