I am breathing a big, huge sigh of relief


The Sonbeam’s contract was renewed.  He is to continue his job as a teaching assistant, with time off for his studies and his tutoring jobs.  However, times are tough, and it was a close shave.  We were both pleased to learn that he would keep his job, and yet quite shocked to learn that three of his co-workers – all well-established and much-loved teachers – were given the chop this year. 

And we each know several new university graduates who cannot find any kind of work at all.  Normally this would be unheard of here.

Hard times have come to Japan.  I never felt this way, even after the ‘quake.  Then?  I felt optimistic.   Now?  I feel despair.    Keep your fingers crossed for us all.


2 comments on “I am breathing a big, huge sigh of relief

  1. karen1945 says:

    I’m sorry to hear this bad economy has you feeling down. Just remember, these things are cyclical. What goes up must come down. But, it WILL go back up. In the 80s, in the US, we experienced a downturn that in many ways was worse than this one. Then things came roaring back.

  2. Miko says:

    I hope you are right. I guess this is the downside of being raised in relatively prosperous societies in relatively prosperous times … nothing in my life has prepared me for downturns like this. Everyone is worried. Sonbeam’s workplace (an expensive private school) has lost quite a few students because of parents withdrawing their kids and placing them in public schools. Most of his friends are having trouble finding any kind of work at all, apart from low-paying temporary positions. Some of my married “career housewife” friends are now looking for work to help supplement the family income – no easy task considering that some of them married straight out of college, and have literally never worked a day in their lives, nor ever expected to – and my working girl friends are keeping their noses to the grindstone, taking on unpaid overtime and making themselves as useful as possible to avoid the prospect of getting the axe (along with husband hunting in their free time!).

    I hardly see any of my friends these days. That’s the biggest and worst change for me. But whatever their circumstances, I hope that I can give them some moral support.

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