Forever single

Apparently there are different types of “single woman.”  Guess which type I am.


2 comments on “Forever single

  1. karen1945 says:

    You’re “The Freedom Junkie”. I was “The Love Addict”, with a little of “The Bitch” thrown in but I got over it young. Does anyone actually ever ask you why you’re still single? That’s very intrusive. You ought to try out on them what I call “The Dear Abby” method. If they ask an intrusive question such as that, reply “Why do you want to know?” If they actually are stupid enough to give an answer to that one, ask “Do you think everyone has to be in a relationship?”. In fact, for every answer they give, ask another question. It’s the Socratic method gone bitchy.

  2. Miko says:

    I like that method, I’ll use it when people ask me stupid questions about my racial background and shit.

    Most of my friends and associates are utterly convinced that I have a secret lover stashed away somewhere, because I travel around so much. You see, it couldn’t possibly be the case that I actually like going away to unwind and spend some quality time all by myself … oh no, out of the question, that would be too weird and unnatural. Surely there has to be a man in the picture. It can’t possibly be otherwise.

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