This is too juicy for words!


So don’t tell a soul!  But do you remember a couple of years back when I posted about the mysterious disappearance of Sonbeam’s school headmaster, who suddenly broke contract and fled overseas, causing the school board a shitload of trouble while it scrambled around looking for a replacement?  At the time everybody assumed that he’d left because of a family emergency involving sickness … everybody except me, that is. 

Being the cold, cynical, flinty-hearted person that I am, I was convinced that there was another, more sinister reason for his sudden flight.  I had a strong feeling that the man had moved on to greener, sexier pastures.  I even asked the Sonbeam to find out if any of the young female teachers at the school had gone missing around the same time, but he merely laughed and accused me of having a suspicious mind.

But guess what … I was right all along!  The Head really did run off with an attractive young teacher, leaving his wife and three kids behind and throwing the Board of Governors into disarray.  Sonbeam finally told me the whole story last night (it’s not that he’d been trying to hide anything these past couple of years, it’s that he genuinely didn’t give a shit in the first place and so couldn’t see the point in telling me.  Typical male). 

I knew it.  I just knew it!  There was always something odd about that guy.  He had a glint in his eye that you don’t often see in worn-down educators.  At the time I assumed it was professional zeal.  Now I know better.


2 comments on “This is too juicy for words!

  1. Karen says:

    So, I wonder where he is now and how the romance worked out? I’ll bet she ditched him.

  2. Miko says:

    I have no idea where he is now, but I can tell you that he’ll never eat lunch in this town again.

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