It’s official: I’m a battleaxe


Today I discovered that the interns at cram school are using me as a threat.  The boss has ordered them to do so.  Several times I overheard them cautioning the rambunctious ones with “You’d better stop doing that, or I’ll tell English Miss” and “If you don’t be quiet, English Miss will get mad again.”  It worked, too.  The kids have never been so well-behaved. 

Sigh.  So I’m an old dragon.  I knew it would happen eventually, I knew the change was inevitable, but I didn’t think it was supposed to be until my fifties or sixties.   I feel a bit sad now, almost as if I’ve stopped being a woman. 

On a happier note, the JJ’s mums-and-babes club is up and running.  We are officially called “The Little Piggies Cafe,” and we’ll meet every Thursday morning.  All mums/dads and babies under the age of three are welcome.  Junko wants to invite non-parents too, but I am adamant that Little Piggies is going to be for strictly for babies and their carers.  (Actually, at the first incarnation of JJ’s several customers made it clear that they weren’t happy about the presence of infants, and the young mothers felt badly about it.  So they are very grateful and relieved to have a place to themselves, and they can’t stop thanking us enough.)  It’s going to be a place for mothers to relax, chat, and practice their English while their babies run riot, and they needn’t feel one bit awkward or self-conscious about nursing or changing them in front of everyone else.  I’m a little bit concerned about safety issues – yesterday one of the babies managed to pull a full cup of coffee off the table, fortunately it was iced coffee! – but as long as the mothers are clear that they are responsible for watching their own kids, we’ll be fine. 

So I’m both a battleaxe and a piggy!  I guess that makes me an old sow?

2 comments on “It’s official: I’m a battleaxe

  1. Karen says:

    Go for “trout”. Hey, revel in your battleaxeness. Get a cane and whack miscreants with it. Wear strange looking hats. Enjoy it! Develop your own cult of the battleaxe.

  2. Miko says:

    Well, I already do all that stuff anyway, but I’ll go for trout. It’s better than going for broke.

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