June 3, 2009

Next they’ll be snorting coke and developing eating disorders

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:22 pm by Jane

We are living in decadent times.



  1. Karen said,

    I’m not at all surprised, are you? I thought the cat captured the “model” expression best, with its arrogant look.

  2. Petra said,

    Are not all cats delivered by default with the “model” expression?

  3. Karen said,

    Not all, apparently. Our Ginger has a very questioning look. She’s very unsure of herself and needs constant reassurance. It’s just her nature. She’s been cosseted and coddled all her life, but she’s still a little insecure. Red, on the other hand, KNOWS he’s king of the universe.

  4. Petra said,

    A cat needing reassurance?

    Your Ginger must be one in a million.

  5. Karen said,

    I know. It’s very odd in a cat. More dog like than a typical cat.

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