More Surrealism

The daughter & husband, Nicole & Steven, are on their trip to Maui. They flew into Maui Saturday, 3 days ahead of the scheduled trip, which she won (along with 50 other Dell employees) for making high sales. One of her best friends is presently living on Oahu. So, Sunday, Nicole & Steven boarded a plane from Maui to Oahu, to stay Sunday & Monday with the friend, till the rest of the Dell group got to Maui.

We all know by now all the restrictions on what may be carried on an airplane. There have been stories of 80 year old grannies having their knitting needles confiscated, etc. Well, Steven had forgotten he had a pair of secateurs (for Americans, hand pruning shears) in his backpack. He doesn’t even remember why he put them in there, or when. The TSA security didn’t even notice them in the security check at the Austin airport. But at the security check in Kahului, Maui, before they boarded the plane to Honolulu, a screener saw them. One of the TSA agents got them out of his backpack and looked at them. Then gave them back to him. He actually tried to get them to confiscate them, but they wouldn’t. They did, however, confiscate his shaving lotion and shaving gel, because they were in bottles larger than 4 oz. He meant to give the secateurs to the friend in Oahu while he was there, and forgot. So, back at the airport to leave Honolulu, security saw them on the X-ray machine – again. Then, they couldn’t find them in the bag and had to take everything out. Finally, the offending clippers were located. This time he persuaded the TSA to confiscate them.

I know I feel safer now. They’re really on the ball at the airport.


One comment on “More Surrealism

  1. Miko says:

    Mmmm, Maui, sounds dreamy. Pics, please. Leis are optional.

    For years I’ve been unwittingly setting off the metal detectors at the airports, and no-one could figure out why, until a sharp-eyed (female) screener finally spotted my hair barette! Yep, they’re really on the ball at KIX. Perhaps they train in Austin.

    I’ve never had shaving lotion confiscated, but I did once have my razor taken away, and I was too cheap to buy a new one at destination. That particular holiday was a hairy experience.

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