Carpe diem

plague mask

There has been an outbreak of swine flu right here in Kobe, and the patients are being treated at Kobe General Hospital – which is only a few hundred yards from my home!  Typically, Japan has gone into full panic mode.  Most schools in Kobe (including my and the Sonbeam’s workplaces) are closed for the next week, and we the general public are being exhorted to avoid going out as much as possible, and to wear face masks whenever we do.  Most of my work and social engagements have been canceled for the time being.  For the next week or so, I have nothing to do but sit around and twiddle my thumbs at home.   

Therefore I am seizing this rare opportunity to take a break and attend a rose festival in the south of Japan.  I’ve just finished booking my flights and hotel rooms.  I’m really excited about going … but on the downside, I’ll be embarrassed to answer the question “where are you from?” 

Because right now, Kobe is the Mexico of Japan, and no-one wants us around. 

I hope I’m not a “Typhoid Miko.”


3 comments on “Carpe diem

  1. Karen says:

    Nicole won a trip to Mexico, through her work. They had to cancel it because of swine flu there. So the company looked at their options, and scheduled the trip for Maui. Nicole is ecstatic. So, someone is not too upset about swine flu!

  2. farting-geisha says:

    Make her take you! Go, go, Maui! I’m having a nice time, but every morning am woken by the sound of a horse whinnying outside my window, I’m all for the great outdoors but this is ridiculous. Roses are beautiful there are hundreds of varieties on display. I went deaf in one ear on the flight, but it’s okay now, fly back tomorrow and hope it doesn’t happen again. See you xxx

  3. Miko says:

    It seems that the rose festival is a kind of dummy run for an international rose contest that will take place next year, which rose breeders from all over the world will take part in. The aim is to produce a hardy garden rose that can be enjoyed throughout the year, and can be grown organically without use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Good luck with that one! (Or perhaps they are planning to use horse manure, which would explain a lot.)

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