JJ’s Mach 2


Today, much to my surprise, I discovered just how quickly the new incarnation of JJ’s English Cafe has gotten up and running.  There are now two different branches, one held on Saturdays, and one on Mondays.  They are being managed by two certain strong-minded ladies – I’ll just refer to them as “Mrs. A” and “Mrs. B” – who are going to hold the English cafes in their own living rooms, and invite all their friends.  I get 70% of their earnings.   

Today was sheer delight.  Mrs. A lives in palatial splendour (well, by Japanese standards) in a certain hillside suburb of Kobe that is much beloved by American expats, because of the huge Western-style houses, and the spectacular ocean views.  When I arrived at her home, I discovered to my relief that her living room alone is roughly the size of my whole apartment, which will make it even easier to fit in ten or more customers.  To my even greater delight and relief, her husband (a very kind and very sensible university professor) is going to attend JJ’s as a regular.  I am really happy about this, as I like him and feel that the presence of a man will have a stabilising influence on those silly housewives.  Anyway, we all had a great time today, discussing various esoteric topics, from pet care to pottery.  At the end of it, Mrs. A gave me a small but very valuable Bizenyaki bowl as a token of her appreciation.  I was really touched by this gesture.

Mrs. B sure has a lot of ground to cover!  I’m so looking forward to my first session next week with JJ’s Mach 3.


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