So, You Know Your Day Has Gone to Hell…

When you tell your son, “I need you to help me dispose of a body.”

Remember the neighbor’s missing cat? Well, I found him today, in our yard. He was decomposing nicely. I imagine the poor little thing came in our yard for some reason and our dogs did him in. The odd thing is that we never heard any commotion, he was not as decayed as he should have been for as long as he was missing, there are no visible signs of a battle in the yard, the cat wasn’t battered or torn, and our dogs didn’t really seem that interested in the carcass. Also, where the body was we would have noticed, so it wasn’t there before today, although I’d say the cat had been dead longer than one day.

I dutifully went over and told my neighbors the sad news. I feel just awful about it. They are sad, but don’t blame us or the dogs. The lady even said that’s what happens with outdoor animals. I can’t really get mad at the dogs. They just did what dogs do. But I’m really sad about the cat, which I loved. He was a sweet beautiful fellow, and I hate that this happened to him. Damn it.


3 comments on “So, You Know Your Day Has Gone to Hell…

  1. Petra says:

    How very sad.

    But stories like that only strengthen my resolve that any cat lucky enough to live with me has to live as an indoor cat.

    That’s it. No discussion. Ever.

  2. Karen says:

    Same here. I couldn’t bear the thought of something like that happening to one of my furry babies. I don’t know why they won’t keep their cats indoors. One of mine would love to get to go outside. He regularly tries to escape out the door. In fact, he has actually done so. But we go fetch hm back. No way would I leave him out.

  3. Miko says:

    The poor puss. Don’t feel bad. I bet he never knew what hit him, and anyway he spent his whole life being much-loved and pampered not only by his family, but his neighbours too (which is more than most of us can ask for).

    I will never let any cat of mine roam around outside, even though some people think it’s cruel. I lost my first kitty, Jodie, to some mysterious cat disease that she caught from outside (probably FIV, according the vet). She was perfectly fine right up until the moment I found her dead body inside my closet. I just went to pieces, started screaming and throwing myself about on the floor. Poor 12-year-old Sonbeam had to dispose of the body because I was in no state to do it. We were both so sad for a long time afterwards, and I vowed that I would never take on another cat. Hah! Famous last words!

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