Never thought I’d see this

It must be hard for you guys to understand why this is such a big deal, but it is.  Basically, you don’t go around hugging the Queen, or even touching her (in terms of etiquette, it’s the equivalent of locking lips with Hyacinth at a church social in front of the vicar).  I think the fact that HM initiated the first contact means that she thinks enormously of the new First Couple.  Either that, or she’s so senile that she thinks that Michelle is one of her grandkids – well, either way, it’s all good!


2 comments on “Never thought I’d see this

  1. Karen says:

    One of my neo-con friends sent me a snarky email bemoaning the fact the Obamas gave QE II an iPod. “Classless” she called it. I disagreed, of course. It’s an American invention. She already had one, an older model. This one had show tunes on it. Frankly I think it’s much more thoughtful than the typical gift from the Queen – a signed photo of herself in a silver frame. Woohoo.

  2. Miko says:

    I agree, woohoo. Sonbeam’s primary school had a huge picture of the Queen hanging in the foyer, and if memory serves so did my old school in NZ. Why would the White House ever need one?

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