Too much, too little, too late


This is too dreadful for words, but I’m sure you are familiar with the dilemma.  Every month I get a vial of personally blended essential oils from Murata-san after my massage, with instructions to rub it on strategic spots on my body morning and evening.  Apparently doing so will, over time, cure my various physical and psychological issues (constipation, hot flashes, nightmares, cellulite, vile temper, etc). 

This morning I was scrabbling through my handbag, and discovered to my horror a full and unopened vial of oil.

Next massage is going to be in two days time.  I just know that she’ll be able to tell that I haven’t been using the oil.  She can always tell. 

Right now I’m slathering the stuff all over my body, in a desperate attempt to make up for lost time.  I look like an oil slick.  I only hope I can fool her on Sunday.  Do you think I’ll succeed?  Or will an untimely hot flash will give me away?

3 comments on “Too much, too little, too late

  1. I think you cannot escape this knowing that “she can always tell” that you haven’t been using the oil. 😀

  2. Karen says:

    You’re doomed. She’ll take one look at you and know. You’ll be banished to dry skin hell.

  3. Miko says:

    I’m petrified that she’ll decide that I’m a waste of her time and my money, and give up on me completely. (Remember, it took months for me to persuade her to take me on as a private client.) I can’t let that happen!

    I’m going to try and distract her by telling her about Benjamin’s latest outrageous behaviour – ripping up tissue boxes in the night. She always takes the antics of “Master Cat” very seriously, unlike me. Hopefully that will focus her attention away from my sandpaper skin. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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