Japanese women are amazing!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Japanese women are the most tolerant and forgiving women in the world.  This woman is not unusual, she is typical.  No wonder dorky Western men/losers/paedophiles are lining up to grab themselves an Asian wife.  I’m not a Japanese woman, but even I’ve had my offers …



5 comments on “Japanese women are amazing!

  1. Karen says:

    Some of her advice is good. Some is thought-provoking. Some I just don’t agree with.

  2. Miko says:

    I don’t agree with much of her advice actually, and could never carry it out even if I did … but which country has the lower divorce rates (and hence lower rates of juvenile delinquency and overall crime)? Surely the results speak for themselves?

  3. Karen says:

    Only because of the suppression of women, perhaps. What might the divorce rate have been all along if women had had basic rights, sexual liberation, reliable birth control, and a way to adequately support themselves?

  4. Miko says:

    This perhaps.

  5. Karen says:


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