Students improve scenery, give people something to talk about

I watched this video of NZ students rioting on the streets with horror and revulsion.  That’s a main street?  That’s a main street?  Holy fucking shit.  I can only shake my head in disbelief.  Those poor, poor kids.  If I lived in a shitty little dump like that, I’d be rioting every single day of my life. 

I’m off now to remind Sonbeam what a narrow escape he had.


3 comments on “Students improve scenery, give people something to talk about

  1. Petra says:

    But it’s only a small city with about 123,000 inhabitants. Small cities look like that, I assume – no glittering high rises and architectural gems.. (Minus the trash, of course, which most certainly is not littering the street all the time – at least I hope so.)

  2. Maya says:

    Yeah, they’re Mainlanders (South Island), so hardly surprising.

  3. Miko says:

    That’s not a city, that’s a hamlet. The smallest city I’ve lived in here in Japan was 300,000 pop. I hated it, and nearly went crazy from boredom. I got a job in the International Relations section at city hall, and one of my duties was writing a weekly column for a small English-language newsletter. Nobody ever proofread my work, so I used to write incredibly nasty things about that city, how dirty it was and that the people were all inbred perverts, etc. I got away with it for years. It was incredibly cathartic.

    Of course, nowadays I would just blog about it.

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