Speech contest (slight scandal)


Everything went well, there were seven other judges (mainly lecturers at prestigious universities, I was the only “commoner” in the bunch) and I liked them all on sight.  However, I was disturbed by the vibes that I picked up from two of the judges who were assigned to work together in the preliminaries.   He was a slightly snotty Englishman, and she was, um, a typical American.   Oh, they were friendly enough to the rest of us, but behaved in a distinctly cool – and slightly hostile – manner towards each other.  I was a bit concerned.   As both hailed from the same department of the same university, I quickly concluded that there was some departmental infighting going on there (very common in Japanese universities, and possibly elsewhere in the world).  I fervently hoped that it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the speech contest, and luckily it didn’t.  Everything went so smoothly in the end that I put it out of my mind completely … until a few days later, when I happened to be walking down the main drag of Osaka. 

By a marvellous coincidence, guess who I saw walking hand in hand and looking every inch the lovestruck couple?  Yes, it was none other than those two.  Before I could look away, one half of the couple caught sight of me, and gave me a naughty wink. 

I’m so looking forward to seeing them next November.


3 comments on “Speech contest (slight scandal)

  1. Miko says:

    I should mention here that workplace relationships are frowned upon in Japan, and although they are extremely common most people keep them secret.

  2. Karen says:

    LOL. Caught out, eh? They certainly had you fooled, though.

  3. Miko says:

    Yes, they did have me fooled. I must say it was very unusual to see a gaijin guy arm-in-arm with a gaijin female, and especially such a strong-willed female as her. My estimation of him has gone right up, not to mention my estimation of their acting skills!

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