January 29, 2009

Believe the hype

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:46 pm by Jane


For fuck’s sake.  Today was the fifth time that private students approached me brandishing this book and asking me if we could study it.   Everyone has a copy!  Apparently an abridged version is in the works, that will soon be distributed to all Japanese school children.  I think I’ll wait until that one comes out before actually reading it.  My brain is addled enough as it is. 

Can normal programming resume soon, please?



  1. Karen said,

    What’s really interesting is that I don’t think that many people over here are interested in reading it.

  2. Miko said,

    God, the hype over here is incredible, it’s like people think he can walk on water or something. Oh well, nice for a change. I’m certainly not complaining, considering the alternative.

    My new catchphrase in the classroom: “Yes, we can.” This said to cheer up discouraged lagging students. Everyone likes it.

  3. Jennifer Brown said,

    There has been quite some hype over here too. I think there was incredible excitement over President Obama’s inauguration and the mood of the country just seems different now than it did under Bush.
    As for how successful a language learning tool the book is, I have no idea but have to wonder. Most Japanese can’t speak English well-enough to order a burger at McDonald’s much less make sense out of a campaign speech.

  4. Petra said,

    Leaving aside the hype in certain parts of the world – there are worse speeches one can learn English from. Apart from the content, the Obama speeches feature correct English in sentences of more than a few words.

    So, why not?

  5. Miko said,

    Agreed, Petra. And isn’t it lovely and refreshing to be able to listen to a Presidential speech without cringeing?

    Jen, you just know what the chosen text for this year’s speech contest is gonna be, don’t you! I guess it’ll make a pleasant change from the usual fare of Kennedy, MLK, and Gandhi.

  6. Karen said,

    It is lovely to hear someone who is such a spellbinding speaker – for a change. We haven’t had a Prez who could make such stirring speeches since Reagan. Reagan was a heck of a good speaker. I still think FDR was the best, though.

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