Grainy goodness


Since a few weeks ago I have switched to brown rice (rice is a staple food in this household, and I cook a pot of it every morning – we eat it three times a day).  I can’t tell you the incredible difference that brown rice has made in my life.  No more post-lunch afternoon slump, no more constipation, and my energy levels are off the chart.  I’m even sleeping better.  Why? 

Paradoxically brown rice is not as widely available in Japan as its refined white version.  Some supermarkets don’t even bother stocking it.  And it’s expensive.  Why?

By the way, the smallest amount of rice that you can purchase in Japan is a five-pound bag.  Most people buy the 20 pound bags.  We go through at least three of those a month, just between the two of us.


2 comments on “Grainy goodness

  1. Karen says:

    Damn it all, I love white rice.

  2. Miko says:

    I love it too, but I’m sticking to the brown stuff now that I’ve experienced the benefits. Funnily enough it is regarded with great disdain by elderly people, because in the old days only poor folks couldn’t afford to have their rice hulled. What would be a western equivalent?

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